I wanted to write a review of the new GHOSTBUSTERS (2016) – but if I’m cringing in embarrassment every second of watching this fiasco, I doubt I’ll be able to finish it to write anything resembling a review.

Yes, it’s that bad. No, in fact, it’s worse.

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  1. … and it has nothing to do with the gender-bending casting. The cast was okay and *could* have done a better job IF THE SCRIPT HADN’T BEEN SUCH UTTER GARBAGE!

    It absolutely sucked as a reimagining – the whole concept of recreating a new origins story, denying that the 1984 Ghostbusters existed, resulted in something that felt terribly embarrassing, and every time one of the icons gets ‘invented’ by this cast, it feels gratuitous and embarrassingly obvious.

    Overall score: SAD / AVOID!

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