If the fear mongering by the anti-GMO crowd actually had any basis, then where are the nationwide epidemics of whatever they claim we’re all supposed to die off, after 20-30 years of GMO in our food supply?

Where is the food crisis they keep telling us GMO brings about?


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  1. The bland taste is hardly responsible for kids not wanting to eat fruits. The ubiquitous availability of soft drinks and sugar crap is far more relevant.

    I constantly run into people that don’t understand how I can like drinking water ‘or anything without flavor’. “Enjoy diabetes, motherfucker” is my immediate go to thought – but honestly, it’s where your main reason for this can be found.

  2. Indeed the majority of GM corn (or grains) are used as animal feed. Which is further fascinating, since we haven’t seen an epidemic of animal deaths or diseases.

    Whoops. Anti-GMO is little different from anti-fluorides.

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