This means that :

a) Bloomberg doesn’t see Sanders as winning.
b) He’s certainly open for a running mate option.

If Hillary picked Bloomberg, it would be on of the smarter VP choices. The only one better would be her husband, Bill.

In bowing out, Mr. Bloomberg cited his fear that a three-way race could lead to the election of Donald J. Trump.

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  1. Bill as VP, Republicans might as well concede before the election.

    With the exception of a handful of kids mumbling ‘dynasty’ everybody would be ecstatic.

    We should start a petition.

  2. Bill will most likely get SecState.

    I’ll bet you Elizabeth Warren will be on the cabinet or will have a secretary position.

  3. Obama as VP seems silly. The 12th could be argued to only apply to constitutionally set criteria, i.e. at the time – thus making the 22nd irrelevant in that case.

    Too many ch of a headache either way.

    Just pick Bloomberg. Make Bill Secretary of State. Warren as Attorney General.

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