Seriously, why are humans invariably knuckleheads when it comes to these things ? Stupid, stupid bigots — and this was 200 years ago – and in some States, and some municipalities, nothing has apparently changed.

(shakes head)

“To address this “problem,” in 1786, Spanish colonial Governor Don Esteban Miró enacted the Edict of Good Government, also referred to as the Tignon Laws, which “prohibited Creole women of color from displaying ‘excessive attention to dress’ in the streets of New Orleans.” Instead, they were forced to wear a tignon (scarf or handkerchief) over their hair to show that they belonged to the slave class, whether they were enslaved or not.”

In the 1700s, the Tignon Laws forced Black women in Louisiana to wear head wraps because their beautiful, elaborate hairstyles were considered a threat to the status quo.

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  1. Arielle Wilder – one of your posts made me seek out more information on this, so, thank you for setting me to search for this.

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