iOS 10 lets you use easily your iPhone as a magnifying glass

To enable Magnifier on your iPhone, just go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Magnifier, and turn it on. It works on iPad and iPod touch, too.

Now, whenever you triple-press your Home button, you’ll enter Magnifier.

Lock focus by tapping on the padlock, freeze the image with the big round button, use the slider to zoom. Magnifier also lets you enable the flash light, plus you can choose to adjust the brightness, contrast, and color scheme by tapping on the filters icon.

This is yet another example of Apple’s attention to detail. They know that many of us have been using the iPhone to snap photos and zoom into tiny type. Now they’ve built a wonderful, simple, intuitive app for us. Unfortunately, it’s hidden away – along with many other gems – in Accessibility. Hence this article.

If you haven’t explored Accessibility in a while, or ever, the release of iOS 10 with Magnifier gives you a perfect excuse to take a few minutes to explore Settings > General > Accessibility.

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