This is great news – albeit it needs to be pointed out that BernBots would argue that Obama has delivered nothing of value and thus any candidate that ‘only’ promises to “stay the course” is worthless, compared to one that promises unicorns and pixie dust.

It’s official: President Obama’s economic policies have saved America

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  1. In summary and to use Cephalus’ metaphor.

    BernBot : I want the whole apple pie. I won’t settle for anything less.
    Reality : here, have a slice of apple pie right now. I’ll get you more later.
    BernBot : I won’t settle for your measly slice. I want the whole pie. I want it now.
    (Stuff Happens, gets no pie, and any available pie pieces are taken away)
    BernBot : why don’t I have any pie at all? It’s your fault, you didn’t want to give me a whole pie. Whaaaaaaaaaaa!!

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