It’s really sad to realize that people who I thought…

It’s really sad to realize that people who I thought were intelligent, are getting sucked in by conspiracy theories over this recent Syrian attack.

Basically I’m now upgrading my earlier estimate of the moron percentage in the population to 90+

On the other hand, I made and found new friends that are smarter to replace them – (waves to Julia Seymour and Tony Giambra)

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  1. The latest issue is what I call “… but think of the children.. ”

    The knee jerk condemnation of American aggression because missiles that missed their targets (be that 1, or 2 or 36, depending on who they listen to) damaged a school (it’s always a school, isn’t it?) and killed children (it’s always children, isn’t it?) while they were fleeing the violence (it’s always … well, you get the point)

    It doesn’t matter that I point out that these particular people have traditionally planted tear-jerk victims, and that it wouldn’t be that far of a reach that a regime that has gassed hundreds of children, would plant some dead children in order to influence dumb, gullible Americans.

    Of course, when I sugggested that, the thought of Syria planting dead children was labeled as ‘ridiculous’ or ‘preposterous’ – because, apparently, this would violate some special code of ethics (that makes it okay to gas children but not okay to use their corpses for propaganda purposes) (besides this being so predictable and consistent that it’s laughable).

    Yep. Because the Syrian News Agency is so absolutely trustworthy … (rolls eyes)

    He probably bought into every report from the guy as well:

  2. Fake children corpses goes back the Vietnam war, when the VC successfully used that to turn American public opinion, and most recently in 2006 in Lebanon.

    Check out this hilarious account of the debunking and how Reuters repeatedly fell for fake reports and became complicit in this dissemination.

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