I’ve had an interesting ‘debate’ (for lack of a better…

I’ve had an interesting ‘debate’ (for lack of a better term) with a Rabbi earlier today. It was like a Dunning-Kruger / Cognitive Dissonance / Willful Ignorance mashup.

The height of the debate was that his ‘proof’ that his family tree leads all the way to Adam + Eve was that his father told him so, and his father before, and so forth — and because none of those fathers would have any conceivable reason to want to lie to his children, there is absolutely no reason in the world why this could be wrong.

Oh, and the world is 5,000 years old. Because he knows. Because that’s what the Bible (OT) says. Because it shows genealogy all the way back to ‘Adam & Eve’ (which led to the Adam & Even argument).

Seriously – my mind boggles that there are people, adult people, that actually believe such nonsense.

Of course – no education in terms of science, history, or paleontology (and I’m talking just simple nature TV shows – because, of course, they aren’t allowed to watch TV either.

Makes perfect sense, right?


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  1. Oh, and one of his classic statements was that “the Earth hangs in the air, not suspended by a pole” because “gravity makes everything fall down, without exception.”

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