I’ve seen a few “alkaline waters” for sale recently… they…

TL;dr – Alkaline water is bullshit, and does absolutely nothing for you. It only lines the pockets of those selling it to gullible, naive and ignorant consumers.

“The pH of blood is about 7.4, which is ever so slightly alkaline. Blood contains natural buffers that keep the pH within a strict range and have clever chemical properties that allow you to add lots of acid or alkali without changing the pH at all. With the help of our kidneys and lungs, our blood maintains its pH regardless of what we eat.

This means there’s no point testing the pH of your urine: it might be acidic, but that’s not a sign of a poor diet. It is true that if your blood becomes acidic, you’re in trouble, but then we’re talking emergency-room trouble, not change-your-diet trouble. And what the alkalising-diet salespeople won’t tell you is that if your blood gets too alkaline, that’s just as bad for your biology.”

I’ve seen a few “alkaline waters” for sale recently… they are very expensive… does your body really need them?

(spoiler alert! I generally don’t need to write articles about legit products…)


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