Jim Wright thinks THE MUMMY was a pretty good movie. I like Jim. He’s often right. On this one, I respectfully disagree.

It’s neither a horror movie, nor is it a monster movie – much less a ‚good‘ one.

Cruise‘s religion is irrelevant. His main problem is that his movies are about him, not what the movie is supposed to be about.

Universal claims this is a reboot of the 1930s Boris Karloff MUMMY movie – which makes it obvious that no one there has ever seen that movie.

I would suggest, Jim, that you look at Karloff’s version (or even Brendan Frasier’s version) to see what I mean.

A universal film called THE MUMMY should be about the mummy. Not a two-bit grave robber.

Also, read Anne Rice’s THE MUMMY (or Ramses the damned) for another idea and plot line they understands this.

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