John Gruber‘s Daring Fireball recently wrote: „iPhone unit sales were…

John Gruber‘s Daring Fireball recently wrote:

„iPhone unit sales were flat but revenue was up a whopping 29 percent. The iPhone X (and now XS) is a hit.“

I have no idea how Gruber can qualify that, unless he is unmitigated kissing Apple‘s ass?

Unit sales are flat – when, traditionally, there is an uptick of sales by at least 50% driven by new iPhones. By Gruber‘s own interpretation, that did not happen, as unit sales hadn’t changed.

Revenues are up by nearly 30% – for products that had seen an increase in price by 30%. So, all that is happening is that Apple is charging more, claiming higher revenues, while not selling any more iPhones – and certainly not X/XS models.

If anything, since quarter to quarter (and YTY) should have seen a significant increase in unit sales (which didn’t happen), I would interpret this as the opposite of a „hit“ – and Apple is well aware of their self-created problem, since they have now announced to no longer release unit sales numbers (which Gruber has also spun as some kind of act of genius when he had commented on it).

For the longest time daring Fireball did a pretty good job balancing a „fair and balanced“ position with regards to Apple, but as of late over the past several years, Gruber has just fallen off the deep end in terms of unmitigated fanboy fawning, with Apple being unable to do any wrong (when, in fact, Apple is continuing plenty of mistakes and neglect, which Gruber will continue to ignore).

I used to enjoy reading Daring Fireball – but that is no longer the case, as Gruber‘s writing has just turned cringeworthy, with every fawning over anything Apple does.

This is unfortunate – but just like Apple, Gruber will ignore such critique, pretending it’s not accurately describing him.

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