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Kansas Republicans Finally Admit That Their Tax Cuts For The Wealthy Have Failed was written by for PoliticusUSA. © PoliticusUSA, Sat, May 30th, 2015 — All Rights Reserved Recent posts on PoliticusUSAEditorial Cartoon: The ChildrenFox Hits A Deplorable Low By Giving The Duggars A Platform…

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  1. This won’t last long. Cognitive dissonance will set in and within 24 hours they will have adjusted their narrative to support tax breaks again.

    Seriously, I don’t get this – I would understand if they gave themselves tax breaks, but they give them to people that pay them a pittance compared to the benefits they reap. If anything it just goes to show that ‘the party of fiscal responsibility’ can’t even operate a simple pocket calculator, and is anything but what they claim to be.

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