More thoughts from me in the new Apple stuff, and Apple in general.

The new MacBooks aren’t so much the issue.

The problem lies in Apple’s unwillingness to discontinue old hardware and maintain a lean product matrix.

Instead we have the current mess, parts of which Schiller ridiculed on stage yet keeps for sale. Why???

They lack one thing.


Dump the MacBook Air line. Jobs touted them as the future of MacBooks. Well, that future is now. The 12″ MacBook is a perfect replacement as the new $999 entry level.

The 13.3″ MacBook Pro perfectly fills out the middle. Get rid of the model without a TouchBar. It’s a ‘pro’ model. Why even have that in the lineup!?

The 15″ is just about perfect where it is, on the high- end.

Instead, consumers are now confused by having a MacBook Air stuck in that matrix somewhere.

On the technical side:

– why not DDR3 RAM? SkyLake CPUs can perfectly support DDR4 that is conceivably up to twice as fast – might’ve been a heat dissipation issue?

– why top RAM capacity at 16GB? Why not a 32GB sku for BTO? Remember, ‘Pro’ machine? [This has been explained as having been done to preserve battery life – in sure heat is also in there somewhere]

– sure, super fast SSD. Again, why cap at 1TB? Pros need more storage, so a 2TB tier would have been welcome. With some hope, these are now fast nvme drives, and hopefully will have standard pinouts – so upgrades might be possible. Need more data on hardware specs. Waiting on ifixit tear down.

– USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 ports, but loss of MagSafe ? Unacceptable, particularly when third-parties have created the ‘breaksafe’ cable that does MagSafe with usb-C.


They could have made one of the ports a MagSafe USB-c port, and kept selling appropriate power adapters. Not rocket science. This is effectively taking several steps back, innovation-wise, and it demonstrates incredibly lazy engineering and lack of innovation. Bravo to Griffin, Boo to Apple.

– Disappointed Apple still only provides single task adapters, instead of providing a single multiple port adapter as many third parties are doing — oh, right, that would require design, which their Chief Design Officer no longer does.

Something like this Satechi dock:


– I notice there wasn’t any courage to remove the 3.5mm port from the MacBooks 😉

Mine ends with a 7

Last night’s Apple event was bizarre — I had been anticipating this show for a while, mostly looking forward to being able to stop telling…

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