Listen up, Hillary-peeps: So far, consistently, your only argument in…

Listen up, Hillary-peeps:

So far, consistently, your only argument in favor of Hillary to anyone putting her down or claiming they won’t vote for her boils down to :

“She’s not Trump”

Do you realize how pathetic that sounds?

How about, instead, focusing on explaining and presenting why she will be a great President. Not just “better than Trump”.

That literally makes her appear as just the lesser of two evils, and it plays right into the idiots’ argument claiming just that.

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  1. In terms of “Why Hillary”, there are a slew of good reasons that I could give you – feel free to discuss:

    – she is the candidate with the most experience for the position, pretty much assuring you, going in, that she can hit the ground running. She has been through what it means to be a President for 8 years with her husband, and for an additional 4 years as SecState.

    – She is the most extensively traveled SecState, and as such has met, and knows, pretty much every head of state that she will have to deal with as President (see above – ‘experienced’).

    – Two Term Senator from New York, elected and re-elected with a clear majority. Has spent two terms working with both sides of the aisle.

    Let’s skip any additional experience points – let’s just agree that she has it.

    – She has been standing up for the rights of minorities, and women, for over 30 years. She has been outspoken for the rights of women, in China as well in the Middle-East.

    – She brings Bill Clinton with her, an invaluable advisor, and one of the most popular Presidents of the recent past. I would hope that she puts him to work as SecState.

    – A Clinton returning back to the White House will have Republicans’ heads explode, particularly with Bill returning as well. That alone is worth it.

    – She is most likely to continue to embrace and extend the current Obamacare, and to push it towards Single Payer/Public Option (as she has been working on implementing National Healthcare since 1993, she is very invested in this aspect).

    – She is also most likely to continue us on the path that Obama has set and progressed along during the past 8 years.

    – I believe her to have bigger balls than Obama when it comes to both dealing with obstructionist Republicans, as well foreign situations (like Iran or North Korea). Which, again is a good reason to want her in office.

    I think these are a good start.

  2. Again, those people won’t be convinced by “not Trump” either – but others reading a cogent presentation of “why Hillary” are more likely to think about it.

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