Look – this screaming for IMPEACH every time you don’t…

Look – this screaming for IMPEACH every time you don’t like someone HAS TO STOP.

You sound exactly like the mobs chanting LOCK HER UP. Is that what you want?

You need A REASON to impeach. A LEGAL REASON.

Ditto, participating in obscure websites’ ‘petitions’ to ask for impeachment is worthless. You don’t just collect votes ‘for when he finally does something’ — that’d be like being on a jury, and delivering a ‘guilty’ verdict to the judge, ‘just use it when you need one’.

All it does is give all your private data, and your friends lists, to whatever scammer ‘petition’ you got suckered into.

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  1. Yes, exactly — either wait for the inevitable impeachable offense, or do proper homework and establish what he has done that is worthy of impeaching…

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