My use of “you” refers to the demonstrative use, not…

My use of “you” refers to the demonstrative use, not the individually targeted — my point was that for years I have been extremely polite to people about this, informative, provided links to additional information, and kept pointing out that the surveys are both bogus (they don’t actually show you which Disney princess you are) and ways for scammers to get to your data, as well as your friends’ data.

I have provided easy instructions on how to lock down your private and friends’ data, how to edit what such surveys have access to, or how to be able to take these surveys, while not compromising your data or your friends (take a screenshot of the results, and post the screenshot, while not letting the app post), etc…

These polite and informative commentaries and help messages were invariably greeted, to 90%, by either being ignored, or by being told “Oh, cheer up, these are fun”, or the always popular “these harm no one”.

Sadly, the only times when my comments elicit a response is whenI get derisive, cynical, and (once the damage is done, and irreversible) display #schadenfreude or say “I told you so”.

Instead of saying “Im not interested”, I would instead suggest that you and all those who feel the same way, brush cognitive dissonance aside and perform a bit of introspection about what got you here.

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