Why would fox be worried about 12,000 idiots who wouldn’t watch the show anyway but who, being Christians and GOP conservatives, will still remain glued to Fox News, no matter what?

Neil Gaiman Comments on One Million Moms’ Lucifer Cancellation Petition – Comic creator reacts to opposition for his work’s adaption, noting that he experienced something similar while writing Sandman.

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  1. Classic case. My point was that Christians would have an easier time focusing on christ’s message by jettisoning the baggage from the OT, most of which is frequently abused to justify hate.

    Jettison the OT, keep genesis and the 10 commandments, and that’s about it. Leviticus et al are useless as any sort of message, unless you are Hebrew.

    The NT (allegedly) is the story of Christ and contains the relevant message of Christ, which should be focused on. If you claim to be Christian.

    That’s all there is to it.

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