This is the real problem for Bernie Sanders – the moment he would be in the White House, and the moment his first 2-3 attempts get obstructed by Congress, his former supporters will turn against him, voicing their ‘disappointment’ in him (like these same people did with Obama, the moment he didn’t deliver magic, while ignoring the nature of obstructionism)

“If there’s anything we’ve learned from the presidency of Barack Obama it’s that a lot of self-described progressives are petulant children for whom no candidate will ever be good enough, fair-weather friends who are more than happy to support a candidate but who turn up their noses as soon as he or she is put in a position of actual governance.”

No matter how confident Bernie Sanders may be of his ability to change the status quo in Washington — and no matter how confident his supporters may be in him — in order to get anything at all done Sanders would be forced to compromise and pick his battles. And that would leave those supporters cr…

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