The fact that this was done, Italy’s history and art boxed up, is simply shameful pandering to backwards religious extremists, just because they have money.

The appropriate way to deal with this, instead, would have simply be to accommodate Rouhani by housing him far outside the city, in some countryside backwater, and having whatever necessary officials meet him there, and then shoving him off again to his backwater country.

…. or simply telling him “tough, deal with it, or F*** Off!”

That is, if there was even any need or intention to ‘accommodate’ – it’s fascinating that no one, now, will take credit for this.

NPR’s Scott Simon wonders if Iranian President Hassan Rouhani might have appreciated a moment to gaze at the many works of art in Rome’s Capitoline Museum, rather than seen the naked statues boxed up.

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  1. (I was counting the minutes until you would post something like that, Deborah)

    Can you not tell the difference between these situations?

  2. Let me help you:
    – is the ‘white house’ a foreign country/dignitary?

    Also, you wouldn’t be doing just a tiny bit of cherry-picking here, or the publication you chose (a right-wing, Catholic rag, claiming ‘balance’) being just a tad sensationalist in their choice of headlines, hmmm?

    To quote what ACTUALLY happened:

    “Georgetown honored the White House staff’s request to cover ALL of the Georgetown University SIGNAGE and SYMBOLS behind Gaston Hall stage,” Julie Green Bataille, associate vice president for communication” (emphasis mine)

    This was about covering up any and all signage (any signage) behind the president, to avoid any appearances of endorsements.

    It wasn’t about ‘covering up Jesus’ – nobody cares about Jesus, in this case.

    You really should attempt to find better news sources. Really.

  3. …. Yet, these ‘news’ sources provide untold entertainment:

    The comments. Read the comments.

    (what’s even more hilarious is that not a single of these commenters has figured out that Obama has quoted (or paraphrased) a quote from the Q’uran, from Mohammed.

    Instead, they are all fired up about “THE BABIES!” that Obama is killing via abortions. Yeah, know, I’m also shaking my head – hilarious!

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