I have come to realize that those claiming to be ‘objectivist’ focus on the ‘object’ (as in “I object to everything”) and couldn’t be further from the proclaimed goal of objectivism – enlightened reason and individual thought.

Amusing, albeit sad, when some people get sucked into demographic.

Objectivism celebrates the power of man’s mind, defending reason and science against every form of irrationalism. It provides an intellectual foundation for objective standards of truth and value.

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  1. Selfish + Entitled = libertarians.

    That stance usually ends once they are forced to move out of mom’s basement. Yet, there are adult versions that then deny that label – those are republicans.

  2. Yeah, more like those with massive mommy/daddy issues seeking to reflect themselves in those traits.

    Dorothy should read your comments, Stan…

  3. I object to your objection, Kelly – and to show you that I really mean it, I’ll do nothing at all. So there!

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