In the same vein of the earlier article about the Bernie Flaws, this one addresses the consistent unfounded accusations against Hillary – namely the ‘corruption’ and ‘untrustworthiness’.

Basically, its how the GOP has managed to fashion certain people into tools.

Obviously, Clinton carries with her more than 25 years in the white-hot public spotlight that Sanders doesn’t — despite his career in the Senate — and over that length of time people have been able to form opinions of her and they’re ones not likely to change at this point. What you know about Hil…

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  1. “And you almost certainly have friends clogging up your Facebook feed with impassioned screeds about how Clinton just can’t be trusted, how she’s an establishment shill with too little integrity and too much scandal and baggage attached to her, how she might even be the embodiment of pure political evil.” — yeah, pretty much. ^^ QED.

    “And when you take a step back and look at Clinton objectively — which is admittedly difficult for many, even, or maybe particularly, on the left” – yeah, precisely that.

    “because the “personality” that’s been sold to the American electorate is largely manufactured, and not by Clinton herself (another facet of the smear: that she’s a phony). The reality is that Clinton was one of the most liberal members of the Senate during her time there, ranking within ten points of progressive messiah Bernie Sanders and her history as a crusader for progressive causes is precisely what so motivated the GOP to destroy her in the first place.” – precisely, yet the abject Hillary-Haters can’t see that, because it would require actually looking up factual information.

    ” Clinton, on the other hand, promises that she’ll continue to fight tirelessly for liberal causes and concedes that at times that fight won’t yield perfection but it will yield results that benefit people’s lives. She promises to build on the legacy of one of the most effective liberal presidents this country has ever seen. Sanders says it all needs to be torn down and started from scratch because too many compromises have already been made. Sanders wants to fundamentally change American hearts and minds. Clinton wants to formulate a plan of action that gets things done. Sanders sells idealism. Clinton sells pragmatism. And the problem is that pragmatism isn’t a sexy sell, even though it’s an essential quality in an effective leader.” – again, true, but not what people want to hear, or spend the time reading and understanding.

    “the supposed scandals that Clinton’s been enduring for the past 25 years are mostly nonsense. The GOP wouldn’t have it any other way. And they couldn’t be happier that right now so many liberals have turned against the woman they utterly despise in favor of someone they’re fully aware they can beat. Because they understand she’s the only thing standing in their way in 2016. They can’t beat her. And they know it.” — and thus, happy ‘progressives’ happily act as Republican tools.

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