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  1. The plot? What plot?

    It’s like Men in Black with Supergirl as one of the MiB, an embarrassing plot, shitty CGI, peppered with intellectual insults – standard CW fare, really.

  2. You’re missing the point, Annette – I still expect fantastic shows to be consistent within their own reality, and if such a show claims to take place in our reality, then it should obey physics. Particularly it should not selectively apply physics.

  3. I believe I posted the same comment, ie that the show looks like it’d suck big time, after watching the trailer as well. Yeah, 6 minute trailers – talk about an incompetent marketing department.

  4. Exactly – part of the reason why the first Avengers movie is so much better than the subsequent one. Part of the reason why the Christopher Reeve Superman is better than the most recent one.

    Why directors or producers abandon any ability to QC their own productions (or VFX physics) is beyond me. Anytime it happens, it takes me out of the movie/show, and destroys my suspension of disbelief completely.

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