Ok, this needs to be discussed – everyone that wants…

Ok, this needs to be discussed – everyone that wants to close Gitmo displays their ignorance and fails to understand THAT WE NEED GITMO!

A country like the USA needs an open, transparent, extra-territorial and extra-judicial facility like Gitmo.

The alternative, if you close Gitmo, is what you dreamers want even less, and what we had before — invisible, secret prisons in third-works countries like Laos, Cambodia, or Thailand — or handing over detainees to our ‘partners’, like Israel’s Mossad.

At which point these detainees cease to exist, you don’t know where they are, or what will happen to them.

There is no third option.

Gitmo is a legitimate, open and transparent prison, in which is laws and rights do not exist, so detainees can’t exploit them, or use them towards their own ends.

It’s really that simple.

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  1. Pawel : the usual imbecilic missing the point, based on a total ignorance of history, while wallowing in fantasies.

    Jon : not even remotely addressing the issue, and just relating and parroting his usual narrative, which is completely unrelated to the issue, or to anything I’ve said.

    Thanks for totally not paying attention in class, kids.

  2. Maybe spend some time re-reading specifically what I pointed out, and staying on topic. Specifically that the two options are the ONLY two options that are available.

    Either participate, or I will (as usual) curate the thread and remove all your unrelated, frothing comments.

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