To those of you that bought the tale that she was against single payer – well, the public option is back.

Hillary has been in favor of this since the beginning – here you go. Maybe now the lies can stop?

One of the most popular ideas of the health care fight is back. And this time, there’s nothing Joe Lieberman can do about it.

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  1. Yes, you did “buy the tale” because you focused on that quote, and completely ignored the context, and the actual primary source of the statement.

  2. It really amazes me how the GOP talking points are regurgitated by those that hypothetically oppose the GOP.

  3. What did you allegedly see on her website, because I have never seen anything on her site specifically against single-payer or the public option (just as I don’t see anything of that sort in the quote Otto provided, nor in the context he provided – albeit he certainly paints it that way)

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