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OPINION | Opponents are making unsupported attacks, and getting help from the media.

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  1. … and to be quite honest, I am getting seriously sick and tired of people that I consider otherwise intelligent, if not even very intelligent, continue a campaign of lies, misrepresentations and plain negative propaganda against Hillary Clinton. THIS is what I am calling people out for – unwarranted innuendo and plain lies, spreading bullshit that they can’t back up. Seriously, stop this shit!

    I’m surprised there’s no repeated chorus of “Benghazi!!!” from there….

  2. It continues – some douchebag on Jakub’s wall asserted that Hillary is using delegates and superdelegates to ‘scam her way’ to the Dem nomination… yes, because primaries aren’t decided by these delegates things, and only Hillary introduced these. (rolls eyes)

    Of course, when that’s pointed out, the usual goalpost moving starts, challenging me to a $20 bet “when Trump wins the election because Hillary will lose against Trump” – a bet I took and increased to $200. I should have increased it to $20,000, come to think of it.

  3. It continues – same thread – this picture is now being explained as “Clinton will have to explain this as the necessity of cozying up with despicable adversaries in the name of politics, or explain this in some other politically crafty way” :

    Yes, like some other ‘crafty’ way, like for example, that THE PICTURE IS FROM 2005, a time when Trump was a Democrat, and him and the Clintons had been close friends.

    Yes. Crafty. Indeed.

    Seriously, it’s like the Sanders voting pool automatically lowers peoples’ IQs by 200 points.

  4. … and, predictably, nothing but *crickets* from the good Bernie supporters, once they have been called on their storytelling..

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