“Android has generated less revenue over its lifetime than the iPhone did in the quarter ended Sep. 30, the most recently reported quarter.” – this is why I just barely muster a sympathetic smirk whenever Android driving friends parrot the usual claims of “90% market share” or “Android is on more mobile phones ….”.

Combine that with the fact that Apple is the only manufacturer making any profit off their mobile platform, holding 93% of the profit share of the mobile phone (not just smartPhone) market – and it is the only manufacturer of any relevance, because manufacturers consistently losing money aren’t in the race for the long haul. It’s that easy, and that’s what I meant when I speak of Apple being the only relevant manufacturer.

Furthermore, not only is Google / Alphabet not making a significant amount of money from Android, but it continues to derive the vast majority of its search mobile revenue from Apple’s iOS platform — and Apple is squeezing that source shut.

Oracle says that Android has generated $31 billion in revenue since Google acquired the mobile operating system in 2005.

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