Such a great article. Awesomely written:

“At this point, i asked mom if i should leave. she assured me in very polite Japanese that it was ok to stay. Girlfriend stomped off from dad into the room I was in. Dad followed her very mad at this point telling her how a respectful Japanese daughter should never walk away from her elder when she was being talked to, and he slapped her face. Like any young woman who had reached maturity in L.A., and very unlike a respectful Japanese girl, girlfriend acted out of reflex when she was slapped and kneed him hard in the royal regalia. He went down like a ton of bricks. At this point mom leaned over, and still in very polite Japanese, suggested that now might be a good time to leave, after all.”

Over the next two weeks we’ll be writing a small series of posts about non-Japanese people dating Japanese people from multiple perspectives. This first post is the most common of the three (possibly four) viewpoints we’ll be covering, with the other two being “What It’s Like Dating A Non-Japanese P…

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