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  1. In other words, I can go and spend $50 to $100 on an herbalist fixing up some willow bark extract, or I can spend $5 on a bottle of aspirin and get a better, more effective product of the same active ingredient.

  2. You’re joking, Kat, right? This post of yours was an elaborate POE post, right?

    “But I also know that many herbals cause negative reactions in my own body” – or, none at all.

    Look, everybody would love to find some magic cure that eliminates pain or various debilitating physical conditions – the stronger the condition, the stronger the desire for us to seek a magic cure (trust me, at one point in my life, I attempted to hold an internal dialogue with a tooth’s infected nerve – obviously, to no avail).

    Fact is, there are no magic cures, herbal or otherwise.

    There is no such thing as ‘detox’ – it’s a nice story told to you by herbalists, to get you suckered for ‘detox treatments’, which ultimately do absolutely nothing:

    “Herbals in general like Chinese Medicine have been used for centuries” – yes, because more in depth methods of inquiry didn’t exist. Again, most of the chinese herbalists are quacks that achieve mostly nothing.

    “Also if st. Johns wort did not actually work.. why is it so strong, that it can cause the birth control pill to be not as effective” – because a herbal supplement contains an active ingredient that interacts negatively with a real medication, does not in any way indicate that it has any beneficial or positive effects regarding a completely unrelated condition.

    “St. John’s wort can make many other drugs less effective. There have been cases of unintended pregnancies in women taking St. John’s wort and birth control pills and cases of organ rejection in those taking St John’s wort with anti-rejection drugs after a transplant.”

    “Just as a woman’s bodies natural response to preventing breast cancer is breastfeeding 6 children for a minimum of 2 years each..according to research” — dafuq?????

  3. Dawkins did a nice visual presentation of what homeopathic dilution actually means. Nicely done video:

    It doesn’t deter those believing in homeopathy, including people in my family, because cognitive dissonance is quite powerful – “my homeopathy is different and it works” – ya know.

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