“”Secondly, based on the Clinton Foundation’s 990 and the Clinton’s tax return, it is clear that neither President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton nor Chelsea Clinton have ever received a salary or any other compensation from the foundation. Quite the opposite is true. In 2015, the Clintons actually donated $1 million to the foundation. In other words, neither Hillary’s campaign nor the Clintons themselves have profited from this work.””

Read this before you fight about it.

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  1. So, I’d really like to know, now, where the quid pro quo is, here?

    I initially assumed the Clintons all drew a salary or other benefits from the Foundation – now, we find out, that is not so.

    I was mistaken, and that is a good thing – it also eliminates the appearance of profiting or quid pro quo.

    Now, maybe someone can explain to me how and where there’s anything shady going on?


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