Reforms, Saudi Style. It’s kinda like how Klingons do “reform”….

Reforms, Saudi Style. It’s kinda like how Klingons do “reform”.

The new (but very old) King has recently switched out Crown Princes, placing the current one as next in line for succession.

Subsequently, he also put him in charge of various significant government positions. This means the King is on board with the reforms the Crown Prince wants to enact. Forcefully, if needed.

Needless to say, there would have been pushback from the seriously conservative elements all over the current infrastructure – put in place by the prior Kings that all leaned towards Wahabiism.

Clearly, his recent actions and speeches have brought out those elements that would have opposed him, and as a result, a serious housecleaning was needed.

This is what we are witnessing. This is all good, as it actually shows future Saudi leadership aggressively pursuing reforms and laying the groundwork for a more open Saudi society.

We should be cautiously optimistic about this.

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