… and here we go, the ‘Progressive” morons continue to help and assist the Republicans to stay in power.

It’s no longer about progressive “values” (whatever those would be), but just about hating Democrats and trying to tear them down…

“Puritopians Demand Pelosi Do What She Already Did Or Else – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Crashes Pelosi’s Office with Climate Protesters During Freshman Orientation
Let me say right up front that the statements from both Pelosi and AOC are on the same page. However, crashing Pelosi’s office with a bunch of protesters who obviously do not know the two are on the same page, and do not know that Pelosi has already done what they’re demanding she do, is a pretty fucking stupid way of showing solidarity.
This isn’t about climate change. Even if it was, it’s stupid to ignore your adversaries and fuck over your allies. No, this is about House leadership. A nobody back bencher freshman and a gang of ignorant puritopians think they can force their way into leadership positions.
Well, kids, I have some news for you. Leaders form coalitions. Leaders work together. Leaders don’t whine; they lead. If you want in on leadership, this kind of thing is exactly the opposite of what you need to do.
Not to mention, Democrats are all on the same page on climate change. Why aren’t these kids protesting outside of McConnell’s office?
Because it’s not about climate change. It’s about hating Pelosi. See for yourself. Posts, especially memes and responses, on the Sunrise Movement’s Facebook page are 1% about climate change and 99% about hating Pelosi.”

Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joined activists in a protest in Representative Nancy Pelosi’s office, putting leaders on notice that the new House may be divided.

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