What….??? Are these people just sick, or what?

Where is that superior moral compass?

Right-wing Christian radicals celebrate ‘purity balls’ with their pre-pubescent daughters, decreeing: “You are married to the Lord and your father is your boyfriend.”

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  1. “They remove any sense of a girl’s autonomy over her own body, essentially making her her father’s property until such time as she can become her husband’s property.” – in other words, a typical ‘biblical marriage’ where women are Chattel. Very Old Testament.

    I wonder if I can offer that father 50 pieces of silver.

  2. I also wonder about the percentage of teenage pregnancy amongst these girls, historically. If I had to bet, I’d say it’s above average.

  3. LOL. I sometimes really genuinely wonder what illiterate moron is in charge of the autocorrect dictionary over at Apple.

  4. It knows the word chattel. Yet, when typing it “clearly, you must have meant to type Chanel, despite those letter being nowhere near each other.”

    It used to work so much better, in fact it used to be a rock solid function of the keyboard, that’s gone to hell over the course of ‘improvements’.

  5. Well, as I pointed out earlier – I’m quite sure the teen pregnancy rate within that demographic is higher.

  6. Good analysis, and some more scary details:


    “Finally, Randy’s organization actually does promote a ceremony for boys as a counterpart to the purity ball for girls. It’s called the “Manhood Ceremony,” wherein the father bestows manhood on his son. So, while boys get manhood ceremonies, girls get purity balls.

    Something inside of me wants to scream. And I have to ask: Where are the mothers in all this? Nonexistent, it would seem. Which I guess makes sense, given the nature of patriarchy.”

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