Finally government regulatory bodies are catching on to this scam. Now if only the people falling for it would catch on as well….

Royal Australian College of GPs also says pharmacists must stop stocking such products because there is no evidence they are effective in any way

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  1. All a homeopathic ‘remedy’ is, is water (and some alcohol to keep bacteria out). It’s unfortunate that the people strongly believing this crap, aren’t smart enough to educate themselves on what they are actually buying.

  2. I once replaced all the homeopathic ‘remedies’ at one place, with tap water. For years those people kept insisting how these remedies kept working so well for them, and better than those ‘kemykuls’ from big Pharma.

    To this day I just laugh and smile – of course, many have since been purchased anew, because the old went over their expiration date.

    Yep. Truly a scam, and people that fall for it self-identify as uncritical idiots.

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