Looks like the honeymoon is over.

As predicted, he suffers one defeat, and his ‘support’ evaporates.

Sanders acknowledges that he’s not seeing nearly the voter turnout he expected

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  1. My focus are the BernBots, not Sanders himself. I only call out Sanders when he is wrong or questionable – like in his improper self-description of socialism.

  2. Read up BernBots, or rather attempt to engage one in a factual discussion.

    Note: I distinguish between those who simply support Sanders, and the virulent fanatical, BernBots, particularly the ones who’s entire raison d’etre is to hate Hillary.

    Disclaimer: I make no secret of supporting Hillary.

  3. Understood – there’s just no challenge in the GOP. Trump will be done in by Hillary, and if BernBots cause enough of an upset for Trump to actually win, then they deserve the 8 years that follow.

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