Sanders calls himself a Democratic Socialist, yet describes Socialist Democracy….

Sanders calls himself a Democratic Socialist, yet describes Socialist Democracy.

Well, what is it?

Social Democracies (like Sweden, Germany, France, etc) is not the same as Democratic Socialism (USSR, China, North Korea, Cuba).

Either he can’t even properly understand and know his political leaning, or he does, and hopes his acolytes can’t figure it out.

So far, I’m leaning towards the second.

Why? Ask yourself, and look into which are THE ONLY countries that Sanders has ever visited in his life? Soviet Union (for his honeymoon), Cuba (to meet Fidel Castro), and Nicaragua (to cheer for the Sandinistas).

I feel the ‘pinko commie’ label on Sanders from conservatives is ridiculous, but he certainly doesn’t make it easy to not see him as such.

Not that Sanderistas have ever bothered to look into that background – even if told. They are too busy parroting buzzwords that they doesn’t understand.

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  1. Invariably, when these differences are pointed out, the reaction is always the same “it doesn’t matter what he says” 🙉🙈

  2. That alone, to me, shows him to not be a very strategic thinker. Doesn’t paint a good picture, if we were to expect him to outsmart a Republican Congress.

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