I’m really getting sick of people claiming “Earth Like Planets” – when they are nothing like that claim.

“Exactly like Earth – oh, except in a couple of relevant ways”

Scientists have found the first planet beyond the solar system which is the same size, and has the same proportions of iron and rock, as Earth

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  1. Which is just as wrong. Earth-Like, to me, means similar size, similar distance from the sun, similar composition – you know, class-M.

  2. “vaguely” Earth-Like. Yeah, by that same criteria, it makes an elephant or a chihuahua as “vaguely” human.

  3. I have no issue with planets like Mars or Venus being claimed ‘earth like’ – it’s when they present is a planet that’s three times the size of earth, with a surface of molten lead, and claim its earth like, that I scoff.

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