Sharing from Kevin Smith : “Moments ago, I spoke w…

Sharing from Kevin Smith :

“Moments ago, I spoke w someone in Alabama Governor Kay Ivey’s office and shared my serious reservations about her support of U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore – which I politely said I found hypocritical. I expressed to that individual TWO reasons why I think Moore is unqualified for her, or others’ support:

1.) As Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice, Roy Moore was TWICE removed from the bench by his peers.

2.) As Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice, Roy Moore has ruled in many cases involving sex crimes FOR the Defendant (aka Criminal), and AGAINST the Victim (represented by the State in prosecutions). In those same opinions from the bench, he expressed disagreement with, and opposition to Alabama’s “Rape Shield Laws” (court rules prohibiting testimony about the Victim which are irrelevant to the case, which has shown tends to turn the Victim into the Criminal). One of the most egregious examples which I cited was Higdon v State (a man was duly convicted – in a trial with no errors – by a jury of his peers, of raping a 4yo child at a Christian Daycare Center in Clay, Alabama) in which Chief Justice Moore was the solitary dissenting (disagreeing) opinion, who voted to OVERTURN the man’s conviction. The other 8 Justices all cited previous Case Law to support their decisions, while Moore did not.

That is NOT the solitary sexual crime case in which Roy Moore has ruled contrary to law and FOR the Criminal. There are several others which all conclusively show a clear and unmistakable pattern of disregard for established law (legal precedent).

I also advised Governor Ivey’s Secretary that there were likely many Attorneys in her office, or in the Attorney General’s office, which could more fully debrief her on Moore’s history of often-solitary dissenting opinions from the bench on such rulings, all of which are a matter of Public Record.

Further, I spoke in politely respectful, but deliberately and decidedly firm tones, cited my Professional Credentials, and stated that while I had been disappointed in her actions as State Treasurer when she presided over the collapse of the state’s Pre-Paid Affordable College Tuition program (PACT), that I withheld judgment when she assumed the Governor’s Office, noting that she has done some things to aright the ship of state by reversing many of former Governor Bentley’s actions, but noted also, that any reasonable person regardless of party affiliation would have done similarly, and had for that reason, withheld judgment on her as a Public Official. I also stated that I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of any Political Party, and have ALWAYS been an Independent Voter.

I concluded by reiterating that it was my considered opinion that a serious reconsideration of her support for Moore is warranted, based upon two factors:
1.) His two-time removal from the bench, and;
2.) His rulings in many sex crimes cases.

If you’d like to call Alabama Governess Kay Ivey’s office, the number is:
(334) 242-7100.”

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