So, a lot of you are unhappy with Trump, and…

So, a lot of you are unhappy with Trump, and that anger makes you say some pretty dumb things.

Like asking for him to get impeached. Maybe you didn’t think that through.

Here’s why.

– “Oh, but we’re going to dismiss and impeach Trump” – yeah, awesome. Go right ahead, and then you end up with MIKE PENCE. Not only is this a guy the GOP would prefer anyway over Trump (so you’d be doing the GOP a favor), but he is a radical christian as well. Well done.

– “Oh, we’ll invalidate the election results, and get Trump and Pence booted. So there!” – awesome display of shortsightedness. You know who the next in the line of succession would then be? The Speaker of the House, yes, that’s PAUL RYAN. Yeah, I have no doubt that will turn things around.

– “Fine, we’ll get rid of Paul Ryan as well, so he can’t be President.” – undoubtedly, that will fix things, because next in line is the Secretary of State, so you end up with Rex Tillerson. Keep going, and you’ll end up with Betsy Devos as President.

“Fuck you, we’re going to wait for the Congressional elections next year, when all of the House and 40 Senators are up for re-election, and that’ll take the wind out of Trump’s sails!” – yeah, because that worked so well during the last midterms, didn’t it? And with the currently trending ever lower voter participation (except by GOP voters) chances are the Democrats will lose even more seats in Congress then.

Yeah, at this point, I just laugh when I hear people wring their hands, intoning “if only something could have been done about that”.

I have next to zero sympathies, at this point – but (and I hope you read until this point) I do have an actual plan how this COULD be turned around.

That would work.

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