So, need some peep review of a couple of Hillary…

So, need some peep review of a couple of Hillary allegations.

The first: “Also Hilary has been recently filmed and seen on many occasions back stage crying and having tantrums after something didnt go her way. Doesnt seem the behavior of someone sure to win.”

Of course I asked the dumb-dumb for the actual video that he claimed was ‘filmed’ and ‘recently’ – predictably he “can’t find it” and he “can’t be bothered” to look through his browser history.

Quick reaching out if this sounds familiar to anyone?

Second, there’s the usual “Hillary funding terrorism”, which has been well debunked, but wondering if anything new is out on that? Of course, dumb-dumb refers to Trump saying it as being gospel…

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  1. There’s plenty of videos of her crying – from years ago, as she is reacting to some heartfelt situation or story.

  2. Ended up blocking both imbeciles. They kept posting YouTube links that contradicted their own claims. Idiots.

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