At least we now know that the petty, angry, and pathetic part of the campaign is all Sanders – and not due to some misguided advice or what have you.

It’ll still take some time for his acolytes to grasp that – keep sending those $27 to his retirement fund, kids.

So the Sanders campaign sounds like a bit of a mess right now.

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  1. Angry, petty, bitter old guy – just waiting for him to scream at Hillary to “get off my lawn”.

  2. Sorry, I initially liked Sanders – but through the course of his campaign he has shown himself to be a petty, unethical, bitter liar and cheat — and he has completely lost any support he had from me.

    His ‘Democratic Socialism’ is his biggest toxic asset – and it doesn’t matter that a bunch of kids who don’t even know what that means, doesn’t ‘fear’ it. His toxicity comes from the fact that conservative voters fear socialism, and that they would have been more motivated to vote, than they otherwise would be. Plus, he has shown repeatedly to either lie about his version of socialism, or that he simply doesn’t understand it. Not sure what is worse.

    I just glad that he’s done with, and is now effectively kicked to the curb. Too bad that he felt destroying his own political legacy was the best strategy.

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