Some updates on my Father:

After initially appearing gravely ill, and literally at death’s door, my Dad has recovered sufficiently, to be released from hospital today (in a couple of hours) and be sent home.

That’s great news – and we’re prepping everything for welcoming him home.

The real work will be maintaining his condition and helping him to remain stable – which involves eating and (more important) drinking regularly. He still struggles with the action of swallowing, probably brought on by a long period of not eating regularly, or a lot (I’m speculating).

He has a 24 hours care person that we are working with, so hopefully we’ll know more in a couple of days, as to how it all works out, and how he copes.

Crossing fingers.

(The picture is from back in the 70s, when he was in his prime – as was Raudi, our Dachshund)

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