Someone just posted a comment claiming, with great alarm, that 400,000 gun deaths happened … over the past decade.

400,000 gun deaths, over the past decade is a dishonest way to make numbers appear inflated. That’s 40,000 deaths a year – still a somewhat large number – but certainly not as impactful as making it seem 10x larger. This is also called manipulating perception, as those making those claims know that most readers skip the “in a decade” part, and are more likely to emotionally react to a larger number.

I am more likely to emotionally react to dishonesty.

In comparison :

More than 480,000 people die EVERY YEAR from tobacco related causes.

More than 2.5 MILLION people die EVERY YEAR worldwide of alcohol related causes.

Just sayin’

This issue is serious enough that misrepresenting fit only undermines the side of reasonable discussion.

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  1. 155,000 people died because of suicides (16,000 per year).

    Suddenly that big number is a lot smaller.

  2. Because when terrorist ‘win’ and successfully manage an attack, far more people die in one instance – remember WTC?

    Foiled terrorist attacks potentially save 100s if not 1000s of people for every terrorist killed.

    Same with drone attacks – that target those that would kill hundreds of innocent people.

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