Sony Pictures is a division of the Sony Corporation, which…

I’m far more interested in the response from Japan to a North Korean direct attack of one of its national assets, ie the Sony Corporation – particularly considering the relationship between North Korea and Japan.

Has anyone thought about that?

Sony Pictures is a division of the Sony Corporation, which isn’t an American company. It’s a Japanese corporation with world headquarters in Tokyo. And there’s still no clear evidence linking North Korea to the cyberattackers who hacked into Sony Pictures, stealing its intellectual property and emails. Yet the White House says it’s treating the cyberattack on Sony as a “serious national security matter,” and the National Security Council is considering a “proportionate response.” I agree we should guard America against cyberattacks, but why, exactly, is the attack on Sony our concern? Should we be protecting every global company?

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  1. You’ve pretty much just perfectly summarized my main issue with the last three administrations and their ineffectual handling of North Korea.

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