Still in Bernie’s corner? Anne Hager: “Bernie Sanders is now…

Still in Bernie’s corner?

Anne Hager: “Bernie Sanders is now campaigning in Kansas AGAINST Sharice Davids, a Native American, openly gay woman who is a liberal Democrat and endorsed by Emily’s List. She also served as a White House fellow during the final year of President Obama’s administration. I’ve had it. Stop saying that this man is, or ever was, progressive or inclusive. And stop saying that we need to “unify” when it is clear that Sanders and his ilk have only one goal – to decimate the Democratic party. A “blue wave” is only possible in November if energy is put toward unseating Republicans, not primarying other Democrats.”

“So, Bernie Sanders is taking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (a woman he never personally endorsed, or even spoke to, until the day after her primary victory in New York) to campaign against a strong Native American woman candidate in Kansas? ??

Bernie never fights FOR women or POC, he just uses them when efficacious. Ugh.” —Laura Blades

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