Thanks, Apple, for making it easy for me to choose ANY OTHER service, but yours. Furthermore, thanks for demonstrating, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that your expensive Apple Music is underperforming, and you will do everything you can to alienate your customers, to attempt to push people towards it.

You have just made absolutely sure that I will NEVER sign up. Time for Spotify or Pandora.

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  1. They used to have iTunes Radio, as part of iTunes. It had a pretty decent mixtape function (used your own music library to mix up a rally good selection).

    As of today, it has been discontinued. If you no want to listen to your own music, using the iTunes Radio feature, you can only do it for $10/month via Apple Music.

    Sure this. This is just a desperate cash/land grab, to offset how terrible adoption rates of Apple Music have been (and it admits it, doing this).

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