Thanks Julia Seymour: “Yesterday , I was targeted and tagged…

Thanks Julia Seymour:

“Yesterday , I was targeted and tagged on my own timeline for posting a fact check . Today, others on this group were targeted . The theory goes , ‘If you won’t go along with every bogus negative story , you must be a Trump troll . It is ridiculous and it won’t be tolerated . I don’t care who you are .

Part of smart activism is finding out the truth . Spending days being outraged on fake stories is pointless . Would you rather know about genuine issues and real dangers or spend four days deliberating conspiracies for which there is not one credible source ? And many of these conspiracies originate with right wing nutters and are gobbled up by left wingers . Stop buying into news as entertainment . Step away from the bogus news buffet .

Be an advocate for truth .Demanding that of each other doesn’t mean we become Trump lovers . It’s absurd . And many of us are concerned about how bullshit from sites with 40 per cent accuracy , that get busted routinely on fact check sites, are dumbing Democrats down . Even Dan Rather has pointed out this used to be a primarily Conservative thing , but Liberals are catching up fast .

Nobody is foolproof, but most of us who research and fact check do it in good faith . Nobody expects everybody to agree on everything , but if you dispute a fact check , you must provide credible evidence from reputable sites . Coming on here and saying , ‘I heard Snopes is fake or Politifact is biased and going downhill ‘ is not a valid argument . Both are held in high regard . And frankly,nothing is more Trumpian than not being able to prove your point and crying ‘fake source , fake news .’ This is weak and lazy debating . And most of us encountered it in the primary .

If you see a scandal out there or a conspiracy theory all over the web , look around at the tried and true investigative reporting that has existed for years . The Washington Post and the New York Times have 175 Pulitizers between them . The news business is competitive . Those sources would cover a real story .Do you really think Occupy Democrats , Palmer Report , BiPartisan Report, etc are cutting edge while two newspapers that are read and reprinted all over the world missed the story? If you don’t see it there or in other credible sources , it is because it’s probably nonsense. We need to get back to substance instead of being diverted by glitter and gossip.

If anyone thinks demanding reputable sources on this group ,to defend an argument or dispute a fact check, is too strict or too tough ,there are many groups that allow everything . And you won’t be happy here, anyway .

My admins and I and most of the members of this group have a philosophy that focusing on junk that isn’t true isn’t activism .

And we are not trying to be combative or insulting, but groups that are cracking down on clickbait and fake news tend to attract smarter , more well informed members . Be one of those people .

Lying for a good cause isn’t a philosophy we believe in . As Dan Rather said ‘A lie is a lie is a lie ‘. And I have heard this theory that because the other side lies , we should mimic them , because we’ve been too soft. But, lying as a strategy doesn’t make you tougher , it just makes you less credible and more stupid .”

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