“At present, the boy isn’t able to breathe unaided. He has a rare inherited mitochondrial disease that has affected many of his vital organs and left him with brain damage.”


“He’s our son, he’s our flesh and blood. We feel that it should be our right as parents to decide to give him a chance at life”

Except, with his condition, he doesn’t have that chances, and his ‘life’ has already ended. Read the intro quote — there is simply no way for this child to grow into adulthood, and this is just wasting everyone’s time and resources on false hope.

The British parents of a terminally ill baby, facing another court hearing on his condition and care, said Sunday they are hopeful he will receive the experimental treatment that previous rulings have prevented.

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  1. Oh, and yes, if this were my child, I would have already asked about turning off the machines…. and, no, I wouldn’t “feel different as a parent”

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