The DNA company is releasing a genetic test to predict…

The issue is their sample size – which they are attempting to increase. I’m of Central European ancestry and stock, so it doesn’t affect me and their results are of benefit to me.

These sort of articles are aimed at deterring more people from participating in databases like 23andme, essentially exacerbating the problem itself (ie preventing an increase in their sample size and diversity).

For this particular case (albeit diabetes is important) it might place ethnic individuals at a disadvantage, but likewise it should be noted, which the article ignores, that genetic analysis like 23andme will detect and point out susceptibilities to Tai-Sachs syndrome, or sickle-cell anemia, as well as a plethora of conditions that are ethnically agnostic.

For under $100 for the test (you can always find coupons), it’s money well spent in order to allow a peek under your hood…

The DNA company is releasing a genetic test to predict whether a person is likely to get diabetes, but it’s of limited use to many high-risk people.

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