The DNC needs a new strategy, and jettison the whole…

The DNC needs a new strategy, and jettison the whole concept of primaries.

What should happen is for the DNC to present, right from the start, and entire administration, composed of those viable contenders that have announced, or some that they pull on, for posts in the administration.

Heck, that’s what EVERY presidential candidate should do. Voters shouldn’t elect one person, but an effective team.

Thus, for example, let’s start presenting Biden and Beto as President and VP.

Elizabeth Warren as sec of the treasury, or as regulator of Wall Street.

Kamala Harris as Secretary of the Interior.

Obama, Bill and Hillary as various security or policy advisors.

Michael Bloomberg as Sec Treasury or dealing with financial regulations.

General Kelly as Sec Defense, or Colin Powell.

Etc… who else, shoot out some ideas?

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