1 Timothy 2:12

The female business owner who declared on Facebook earlier this week that women aren’t fit for the US presidency stood by her views Saturday, citing “hormones” and a “biblical background.” “That’s how God wanted it, and again, it’s my…

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  1. God also ‘led’ the chosen people for 40 years crossing a journey of 150 miles – while non-Christian Alexander ruled the entire region in less than 12 years.

    I guess god ain’t such a good gps.

  2. They might have been stubborn, but if they pride themselves on the story how they were ‘led by God’ out of Egypt and into Israel, and that it took them 40 years — well, I’m sorry to say, but their God is a pretty shitty navigator, for someone that can part the red sea, or who is responsible for having created the planet (and hence the desert they were erring in).

    Seems to me they certainly weren’t following directions from the God they think they were following 😉

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